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Crane Build

As part of our crane build process we have a production line in place that allows our 5 manufacturing facilities to operate seamlessly, in order in meet strict deadlines. Our rigorous standards at every step get checked and re-checked as part of quality reassurance.


Plating and Steelwork

We source only the best platers and steelworkers. Our shop floor team adhere to the high standards put in place by Chesterfield Crane Company in order to offer aesthetically pleasing excellently engineered cranes.



Our experienced teams of coded welders perform full penetration welds which get checked by Quality Control staff, and signed off as suitable.


Shot Blasting

We shot blast our brand new and used refurbished cranes, which is essential for us to provide a clean and quality end product. Our shot blasting bay and overhead crane capacity for manoeuvring cranes is capable of taking on the biggest of cranes.


Spray Painting

Our 52 metre and 82 metre spray painting booths accommodate large scale crane builds every week. The paint finish and microns are monitored throughout the paint process to ensure perfect coverage and no runs.



We have fitters, engineers and electricians who all work together when assembling the cranes and lifting equipment for testing, such as the alignment of box beams, fitting of end carriages, hoists, festoon c-track systems, brackets and panel mounting for example.


Control Panel and Electronics

Chesterfield Crane Company has a highly skilled team of electricians and allocated panel building bay, with us having the capacity to manufacturer any sized panel for any application for any crane.



All cranes, hoists and carriages get tested at our manufacturing facility after assembly. After testing the crane then gets unassembled ready for transportation. The customer then receives their crane certification after installation.


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