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Duty Rating

There are 6 main duty ratings for hoist, trolley, crab units and end carriage units, including ‘M3‘, ‘M4’, ‘M5‘, ‘M6‘, ‘M7‘ and ‘M8‘. When a duty rating increases this is achieved by the hoist unit incorporating much bigger and heavier duty components, such as the use of over rated motors to prevent output reaching the MAX ‘ED’ (Einschaltdauer – which means MAX duty factor) of the motors, eliminating burn out and labouring. Please see below the specifications of each duty rating:


M3 (1Bm) Duty



M4 (1Am) Duty



M5 (2m) Duty



M6 (3m) Duty



M7 (4m) Duty



M8 (5m) Duty





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