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Site Survey

Site surveys are included in crane sales

When supplying cranes and gantry systems we send engineers across the UK to laser measure the customer’s facility in order to obtain all site dimensions.

If the customer is purchasing a used refurbished crane and busbar for example, and already has a pre-existing gantry system and rail in place in the building, then we will measure everything such as the rail centres all the way down the runway, the height above the rail to the roof eaves support haunches, the stool support bracket distance from the wall to the centre rail, and all relevant information for example.

These measurements are then brought back to our manufacturing facility in Chesterfield for us calculate your crane and gantry dimensions. We then propose a design to maximise height of lift and travel motions, or to suit whatever requirements you may have, such as reducing top mounted hoist cross travel and needing to go high up into the building’s apex to get the greatest height of lift possible for the building you are in. Any design is possible and our expert design team can manufacture any crane to suit any purpose.

The site survey is carried out once we move forward with an order and is typically included in the quoted cost. If you require a site survey before proceeding with a crane order then we carry out site surveys for a cost. This cost then gets deducted off the quoted total once we move ahead with the order.


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