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Crane Installations

We have an expert crane and gantry installation team.

Here at Chesterfield Crane Company we have installed every type of crane at every type of site using our skilled team of crane installation engineers.

As part of a crane sale the services we offer include:

As part of our Group of companies we have a mobile crane and plant hire company Altida Ltd, who supply Chesterfield Crane Company with all our crane installation plant, powered MEWP access and equipment:

Get in contact with us ?

Please get in contact via phone: 01246 454521 or email: to learn more about our crane installations and crane removal services and to see how we may be able to assist you. We have 32 specialist crane engineers who have vast amounts of experience erecting cranes quickly and safely.

We also regularly decommission and remove used cranes from workshops around the UK.  We are always in the market to buy used secondhand cranes off companies and add them to our massive used crane stock, which we then fully strip down and refurbish to sell on as a cheaper alternative to buying brand new.

Used Refurbished 20 Tonne 34 Metre Goliath Gantry Crane with Cantilever

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Altida Mobile Crane Installing a Refurbished Demag 16 Tonne 18 Meter Used Overhead Crane with Twin Beams and 5 Tonne Auxiliary Hoist

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Used Refurbished 3.5 Tonne 22 Metre Twin Beam Overhead Crane: Installed in London City Centre

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10 Tonne 28 Meter Refurbished Goliath Crane: Reconditioned and Installed by Chesterfield Crane Company

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Reconditioned 8 Tonne 19 Meter Span Twin Beam Overhead Crane with x2 Brand New 4000kg Hoists: Installed By Altida Mobile Crane

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