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New Cranes

Chesterfield Crane Co Ltd. A leading manufacturer of brand

new cranes to order.

Our cranes are built with Stahl lifting equipment, and have found Stahl extremely reliable and our favourite hoist manufacturer. If you do have a preferred make of hoist and carriages we can also incorporate that into your crane build.

All our cranes, whether used refurbished or brand new, come with 12 months warranty, as well as offering a full service maintenance package.

The girders we use when manufacturing are fabricated torsional low weight beams, with our production facilities capable of spans up to 50 metres.

Below are a list of features that can be incorporated into your brand new build:

All brand new cranes will be quoted with inverter drive variable speed on long travel as standard, to ensure smooth speed control and eliminate wear and tear on brakes.

We will design and build your crane to suit any application, whether it is being used in hot conditions up to 60°C, or outdoors. What ever type of crane system you require we can supply it, such as Overhead Cranes, Goliath Gantry Cranes, Swing Jib Cranes, and bespoke lifting systems.

Our design team can offer expert advice and engineering solutions to most lifting problems. If you’re not sure how to resolve a problem or you just need some information please contact 01246 454521 or email

When contacting our team it would be helpful if you can supply the following information:

Stahl Hoist and Carriages

Stahl’s SH, ASR 7 and AS 7 wire rope hoist programmes have been the embodiment of perfection in lifting and crane technology all over the world for many years. Stahl’s equipment is compact, high performing and particularly maintenance-friendly.

Operators, crane manufacturers and system manufacturers appreciate their low-maintenance components. Stahl solely specialise in hoist units, and are widely considered to be a market leader in class because of their assembly methods, high quality German parts and state of the art modern design.

With the precise manufacture of parts and stock components Stahl’s wire rope hoists will make your crane the most economical on the market. The modular system permits practically unlimited combinations of the sub-assemblies to produce your individual solutions.

STAHL CraneSystems make hoist and carriage units available for load capacities up to 125,000 kg, with unlimited frame sizes and load capacity variants.

Download SH Brochure

Download ASR 7 Brochure

Download AS 7 Brochure

Manufacturing Brand New 10 Tonne 16 Metre Electronic Overhead Travelling Crane with 2x 5 Tonne Tandem Lift M5 Stahl Hoists

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Brand New 2,000kg 4000mm x 4000mm Underbraced Powered Swing Jib Crane with Stahl ST20 Chain Hoist

View Crane

Brand New 1 Tonne 3 Meter x 3 Meter Swing Jib Crane: 270° Slewing Crane with Stahl Hoist

View Crane

Brand New 150 Tonne Overhead Crane with 34 Meter Twin Beam Span For Sheffield Forgemasters

View Crane